Friday, July 27, 2012

July 1, Levi 0

In my hands, what is this? Why, it's my ass, and who handed it to me? July, that's who. July has, in turn, crushed me physically, mentally, emotionally, temporally, vocationally, musically, financially, and hygienically, and there are still four days left. Terrifying.

More time has passed since my last entry than I can account for--or make interesting--but I would like to announce that, during a ride this past week, I came to a decision about how to cast my presidential vote come this November. It had just rained enough to cool things down. Trailside rocks were steaming. It was then I decided that I am all for this dirt for president:

It was the best dirt I'd ever ridden on, and it didn't let me down, or make empty promises. It deserves your vote, too.

I have some exciting news that I'll be including in future posts, or at least I promise to have made some up by then, and I will be posting again soon.

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