Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exciting News

At the time I promised that I'd have some exciting news, I hadn't a clue what it would be, though now that the time has come to post what I promised, I have two tidbits. 

The first little crumb of news is that it is no longer July. Suck it, July. So I think that makes the score July 1, Levi 1, and because it will not be July again for another eleven months, I've won the tiebreaker. So far, August and I are getting along famously. One might say we're on the same team, and even if August and I are on the same team in a kind of Phelps/Lochte dynamic, then the relationship is full of mutual respect. Yes, I've compared myself and August to Olympians.

Speaking of which, I couldn't care less about most of the Olympic sports, or even sports in general, but I can't put into words the excitement I've felt this past week as I've sat down in front of NBC almost every night. Gymnastics, track and field, and Michael Phelps never cross my consciousness, but put me in front of a television on which those sports are showing and within a minute I'll be more emotionally involved that I become during most movies. Diving? You bet. The piccolo toss? Sure. You tell me it's an Olympic sport and I'll totally engross myself for ten hours per decade. August, you rock. 

The second bit of news is somewhat more relevant to this blog. My computer has died. Well, not died, exactly, but the display no longer works unless the screen of the laptop rests at an acute angle to the keypad, which is to say I have to cram one hand and my face into the tiny gap between the place where I normally rest my wrists and the camera atop the screen. Using my computer in this way reduces my efficiency such that it took ten minutes to find Michael Phelps wallpaper on Google, so conveniently posting to this blog when the urge strikes may no longer be possible. Perhaps I'll occasionally cram my hand into the oyster that is my computer hold down a single key to let you know I'm alive. Let's develop a code. lllllllllllllllllllllllll means I'm alive and doing fine, and bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb means I'm alive and wish I weren't (see July). 

There are a couple of neat events this month that I'm getting excited about. The fist is the Steamboat Stinger, which is sponsored by Honey Stinger, so it goes without saying that if you have any leads on a bumble bee costume, let me know. The second is 24 Hours in the Sage, which involves hiding in the dark in Bigfoot costume and scaring other racers as they approach. Until then, I'll be posting rogue from other people's computers left unattended at coffee shops, so prepare yourself for content even weaker than normal and a lot of misspellings. 

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