Monday, December 17, 2012

A Miracle Just in Time for Christmas

On my way to work last week I had to stop at the hardware store, and on my way to the hardware store I had to pass the Dollar Tree, and as I passed the Dollar Tree I came upon a bicycle miracle. It being a miracle and all, I wasn't sure how to act. When I first passed, I was unable to stop or even look closely, as I feared that if I looked directly into the miracle it would disappear, or I would discover it hadn't been real, more hallucination than miracle. Thirty feet beyond, I stopped. I turned around. It was still there. My camera was at hand. Through the window of the Dollar Tree I spotted the person under which the bicycle miracle had undoubtedly arrived. That person was finishing a transaction at the register. My time was short. It is impossible for me to explain how I knew that the person at the register on the other side of the Dollar Tree's window was the one who would come and take the bicycle miracle away, other than to say he was to the ordinary human what his bicycle is to ordinary bicycles. Please enjoy the picture below. I believe it may be the best photographic documentation of any miracle to date. You are welcome.

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