Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You aren't Wearing Enough Protection

A friend of mine asked me if he was the 'idiot' to whom I referred in an earlier post. Even though I immediately told him, "Yes of course you idiot," I couldn't be sure, as I intend for this blog to be a space where I indict all of my friends as idiots, not just him. So I started reading a few older posts to refresh my memory, but boredom stopped me from finding the one in question. Next time I'll be sure to use his name in order to avoid confusion.

I hope it was obvious that was all in jest. Though the world is peopled with idiots, I've been careful not to befriend any, and if anybody is going to get called an idiot on this blog, it's going to be me. I've worked long and hard for that label, and I'm not going to share.

Speaking of idiots, here are some pictures of a bicycle that was dropped off at the bike shop after it had been in a head-on collision with a car. Would you like to guess how fast that car was moving? Have you guessed? I'll see your guess and raise you twenty-five.

Ready? The car was traveling at sixty miles per hour. Yes, the cyclist is alive, but has been in the hospital since the time that an "adding machine" would set a consumer back $49.95 at Montgomery Ward. I would say 'please be careful out there,' but that's useless advice. So is 'please wear your helmet.' How about 'please don't leave your house unless you are Iron Man.' Yeah. That's good advice.

I've scoured the internet in search of some kind of gear that will help end accidents such as this one, and I think I've found just the thing:

Please be careful out there.

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