Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hype(rdrive), Hype(ractivity), Hype(rventilation)!

Devil Take Hindmost has been up to a few things this summer, most notably maintaining radio silence. DTH wants to assure you that is has been healthy and strong, it has been alive and active, it has been steadfast and pure of heart, and whatever other adjectives you feel might belong. Just because it has been silent does not mean it does not care about you. It does. 

There is some pretty big news about to appear over the horizon. DTH has been quiet for a while in order to make this news--news that DTH may not be able to survive, at least in its current form. Don't be sad. Should DTH meet its end when this news rises into the sky and changes the lay of the shadows on the land, don't fret. It will be reborn in new and flashier iteration, like 007. However, it's also possible that DTH will stay right where it is, so that it can continue to facilitate the spreading of pictures like this:

You might be wondering what this bit of news might be. It is not yet fit to print, but it won't be long now. Let's just that it makes me want to do this:

Until then, ride bikes and stay awesome.

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