Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm Asking Only Because it's Important

I'm about to ask you a question that you may hear several times a day. I'm going to try to do it without using phrases like "good cause," "free gift," or "tax-deductible." I'm also in the awkward position of trying to justify why mountain biking, of all good causes, deserves your tax-deductible donation just as much as cancer research or anti-human trafficking organizations. Keep reading to learn more about your free gift.

On June 15th, 2013, a bike race called the Bailey Hundo will take place. The cool thing about the Hundo is that the organizers want it to be more than an opportunity--of which there are many--for racers to ride their bikes. They also want it to help grow some very important things in the community. It's a race, but it actually does something other than make a bunch of sunburned people very tired.

What does the Hundo do? It supports Trips for Kids, the Colorado High School Cycling League, and COMBA (Colorado Mountain Biking Association). Why is it important to get underserved, urban youths on mountain bikes? There's a long list of reasons, such as fitness, building confidence, and getting to see parts of this incredible state that aren't Denver. You can read more about Trips for Kids here.

It's important to stress that these charities aren't just breeding the bike racers of tomorrow. Cycling can change people for the better in countless ways, not to mention that dirt may be an antidepressant (even if dirt is not, riding your bike is (proof below)).

"Help Levi help cycling help us all!"

Riding bikes is so good for people that I feel comfortable asking you to support cycling advocation. Here are a few ways riding bikes has been good for me:

1. People are like dogs in that if we don't get enough exercise, we become neurotic, not to mention heavy. This is what happens to my dog when he stays with my mother-in-law. He needs lots of exercise so he can focus his tiny mind on shedding under the couch. With child obesity being the problem it is, and P.E. classes being dropped from the curriculum, getting kids into riding bikes is doing them a huge favor.

The future of canis lupus familiaris without cycling.

2. There were a couple of years after I moved to Denver that I never got out of the city, and my mind filled with smog and I forgot who I was. Being on a bicycle in the middle of the woods is a good way to hit the reset button. You can't sweat the small stuff if you're busy doing some actual sweating.

3. There are plenty of times when the trail in front of me seems too difficult, unridable, and yet with a little effort I am surprised to find myself on the far side of the difficulty. It's empowering. When you turn around and see that you've ridden something very difficult, and realize the only thing that pushed you through was your own mind and tenacity, you also realize the potential you have to achieve in other areas of you life. I wish I'd learned more about this when I was a kid.

If you decide you'd like to donate, there is a link below that will take you to my Bailey Hundo donation page. Also, if you donate anything, I'll send you some stickers.

If you donate $20 or more, I'll make a wallet for you out of a bicycle tube. I don't have any pictures of them, but it's similar to these. It make take me a few weeks to make them.

If you donate $50 or more, I'll make a hand-stitched notebook for you. The papers will vary. It may take me a month or two two make them.


Thanks for reading. Click here to donate.

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