Saturday, May 11, 2013

How Well Does Your Bell Emote?

Your bell, do you love it? How does it feel about you?

Though I understand why they are important, bells are difficult to buy. In the city, they are important safety equipment. Ringing a bell is a cheery way of saying, "I'm behind you and I'm completely out of control." In the mountains, bells are handy communication devices. Should you come up behind another rider on a climb, all you have to do is ring a bell instead of trying to speak through the phlegmy buildup in your throat.

However, whenever I'm buying bike accessories, that extra eight dollars always sends the purchase from the territory of affordable to expensive, and I know I'd have to stand there at the register counting pennies for an extra ten minutes, and I always decide I'll buy a bell some other time.

That time has come.

When I first saw these bells, I got so excited that I bought one for every bike I own. In fact, I got so excited that I forgot how many bikes I own and purchased more bells than I can use.

For comparison's sake, most bells looking something like this:

Is that bell excited by a sherd turn? Does it like beer? How does it feel about your garage? Gaze into its stoic, mirrored carapace for as long as you like. You will never know.

We left for Fruita the day after it snowed nine inches. How did my bell feel about it? No question.

You don't need any buddies telling you that your four year-old Avid Juicy brakes (see above) suck (which they do). You need a bell that will keep you committed to not using brakes at all.

You don't need a life coach. You don't need a training partner. You don't need your ego stroked or your posture complimented or any of that. You need an enthusiastic bell. It will make your life right.

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